Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield

Penfield Republican Committee

Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield. Supporting the ideals of fiscal responsibility, sound values and that local government, with elected representatives being closest to the people is the best solution.

A Message from our Town Leader

It is our goal to advance the ideals of fiscal responsibility and sound values in the Town of Penfield.  We do that by selecting candidates that reflect these values.   The proof of the success of our values is in the pudding!  With a solid Republican team, led by Supervisor LaFountain, and outstanding Town Board, we have seen Penfield flourish.  Our quality of life in Penfield is second to none!  

Have a look around our website and learn about our Republican team.  If you are interested in helping us work to preserve the quality of life in Penfield you are welcome to join us for a meeting.  Check our calendar for dates and times.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly!  I look forward to seeing you at a meeting!

 Matthew Rich -- Town Leader