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Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield. Supporting the ideals of fiscal responsibility, sound values and that local government, with elected representatives being closest to the people is the best solution.

Local Gets it Right More Often!  

Our local community becomes a better place every day when you get involved! Local residents have more direct interaction to local government, thereby making local government the best choice to get involved with.

The local level offers the most opportunities to make your voice heard and help local candidates in Penfield and Monroe county win elections.

Opportunities including and beyond making phone calls, knocking on doors, distributing literature, and so much more. Even if you can only volunteer a few times on or before Election Day it can make a difference.

By getting in touch, you will not only learn more about opportunities to support keeping Penfield great, but you'll open the opportunity to be a part of a local movement to protect our local Republican principles: advancing the ideals of fiscal responsibility, sound values and more direct participation by the people in the Town of Penfield.

To learn more, simply fill out the form and one of our committee members will contact you with more information.

Contact Us!

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