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Matthew Piston -

Town Leader

Politics is NOT a spectator sport. Please join us for our monthly meeting usually held on the first Monday of each month (NO August meeting) discussing candidate selections along with other hot topics of local-interest. Ask questions of your elected officials and be on top of events in our Town.

There has never been a better time than now to get involved in your local community and we encourage you to attend our upcoming meetings! (See the calendar tab for time and location of all meetings.)

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Jeff Leenhouts.jpg

Jeff Leenhouts-

Town Supervisor

Town Candidates Platform and Governmental Approach​

Fiscal Responsibility, Low Town Taxes, and Common Sense Governance:

The Town of Penfield is responsible for roughly 8% of your total property tax bill and has one of the lowest tax rates of all towns in Monroe County. In fact, some towns have tax rates that are more than double ours. As your representatives and fellow taxpayers, we are committed to providing the services residents need and deserve while maintaining fiscal responsibility at the Town Hall.

● Use common sense and data to guide decisions related to spending, particularly as we recover from COVID pandemic effects. Being conservative with our financial resources is of paramount importance.

● Form a bi-partisan Budget Advisory Council to meet with Supervisor to address financial concerns during budget development process.

Renewed Stewardship of Penfield’s Resources:

Good stewardship of our resources does not end with fiscal responsibility; it also means preserving Penfield’s historical character, conservation of open space, and managing traffic concerns.

● Maintain the rural character of East Penfield.

● Rehabilitate our existing vacant buildings whenever possible.

● Re-energize and Revitalize the Four Corners Historical Districts.

● Implement a town-wide traffic study to determine best ways to minimize congestion & speeding.

Term Limits:

One of the best things we can do to promote responsible government is to limit the amount of time one person can hold an elected position.

● Amend Town Code to include term limits for the Supervisor, elected and appointed Town Boards/Committees, Town Clerk, and Town Justices.

Increased Responsiveness to Resident Concerns.

Enhanced Communications

We can improve the Town’s responsiveness to resident concerns.

● Expand the communication capabilities of the Town to quickly address misinformation and rumor.

● Improve resident outreach and notification on projects, initiatives or matters impacting neighborhoods.

● Form a bi-partisan Residents Advisory Council to meet with the Supervisor on a regular basis to promote greater involvement and participation in Town governance

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