Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield

Penfield Republican Committee

Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield. Supporting the ideals of fiscal responsibility, sound values and that local government, with elected representatives being closest to the people is the best solution.

Penfield Town Supervisor

Tony Lafountain

First elected Town Supervisor on November 3, 2009 and took office January 1, 2010. He was elected to a second term in November of 2011 and then elected to a third term in November 2013. Prior elected experience includes five years and eight months as a Monroe County Legislator representing Penfield from the 9th district, and 18 years as a Penfield Town Councilman. Tony spent 29 years at Eastman Kodak Company in many different roles and retired in 2009 as the Director of Fire and Security for Kodak Rochester. Tony resides on Woodside Drive with his wife of 38 years, Lyn. They have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Stacey, and two grand-daughters, Ava and Adyson.