Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield

Penfield Republican Committee

Dedicated to good, local government for Penfield. Supporting the ideals of fiscal responsibility, sound values and that local government, with elected representatives being closest to the people is the best solution.

Penfield Councilman

Andy Moore

First elected Penfield Town Councilman on November 4, 2008. Councilman Moore is Chair of the Law & Finance Committee where he works closely with Supervisor LaFountain on budgetary matters. Moore continues to be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and has voted for five straight Town budgets that did not raise the Town tax rate. He played an active role in launching the Town's streamlining process that helps local businesses get started, grow, and create jobs in Penfield. Moore also serves as liaison to Penfield Little League and Chair of the Town Transportation Committee. He served as Deputy Town Supervisor for three years and was Public Safety liaison to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Penfield Volunteer Ambulance and the Penfield Volunteer Fire Department.